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SERCO operates and manages the workforce center systems for Workforce Solutions of Coastal Bend and Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande in Texas. SERCO implements the following programs on behalf of the Boards:

  • Basic Job Services
  • Work force Investment Act, including Adult, Dislocated, and Youth
  • Rapid Response
  • Trade Adjustment Act
  • National Emergency Act
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Non-Custodial Parents Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Act Program
  • Disability Navigator Program
  • Texas Back To Work
  • Ticket to Work (CB)
  • Child Care ( URG rural area)
  • STEM (URG)
  • Discretionary Board programs

Basic Job Services

Labor exchange services are provided in person to employers, job seekers, and youth (who are eligible to work in the United States) through the Workforce Centers, Center satellites, and partner locations. Job postings by employers and job referrals are available for job seekers via Work in which is the state’s jobs database. The bulk of these free services are offered by the State of Texas Employment Services staff to the general public. This means that customers do not have to meet any eligibility criteria to receive the basic job services, attend most workshops, or to use the computers and other business equipment and software in the Resource Rooms. Job postings and employee recruitment by employers, and job search and referrals by job seekers can be conducted online.

Business Services

The Business Services Unit (BSU) is composed of Account Executives in Upper Rio Grande and Business Services Representatives in Coastal Bend. They work directly with employers to help meet their workforce needs by providing services such as the following

  • Assisting in preparing and entering quality job orders in, and filling those orders with quality workers
  • Providing customized labor data and information
  • Hosting hiring events at the Centers
  • Developing employment and training opportunities that benefit the employer and job seeker

WIA Adult Program

Intensive and training services are available for individuals who meet the following criteria

  • U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Age 18 or over
  • If male, must comply with the Selective Service registration requirements
  • Are economically-disadvantaged based on federal criteria

Some of the services offered are: testing, evaluation and assessment, job referrals, workshops, supportive services such as child care, and training such as occupational, GED, basic skills, ESL, and short-term training leading to industry or employer certification.

WIA Dislocated Worker Program

The target is workers who can document they have been laid off through no fault of their own. They must also comply with the first three criteria noted above for the WIA Adult Program. Some of the services offered are: testing, evaluation and assessment, job referrals, workshops, supportive services such as child care, and re-training

Rapid Response

The purpose of this program is to provide early intervention help to workers impacted by mass layoff or plant closures so that the laid off workers re-join the workforce as quickly as possible. The services include: job search assistance, Labor Market information, and seminars on topics such as stress management, financial literacy, budgeting, and interviewing techniques

WIA Youth Program

SERCO has been operating award-winning youth development programs in Texas since 2004. The eligibility criteria is basically the same as for the WIA adult program, except this program is for youth from 14-21 years of age who have a documentable barrier such as basic skills deficiency. SERCO has initiated innovations such as the Foster Youth conferences, Project LEARN, and the current RISE UP Youth Initiative.

Trade Adjustment Act

SERCO operates one of the larger programs designed to re-train eligible individuals who lose their jobs and/ or have their work hours reduced because of foreign trade. Services offered are training, workshops, job search, and when funds are available income support and assistance with healthcare premiums can be offered.

National Emergency Grants

This grant provides discretionary funds that temporarily expand service capacity such as training, on-the-job training, supportive services , and subsidized employment in response to significant job dislocation events such as the recent economic conditions and in prior years due to natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Base Realignment and Closure Program (BRAC)

This program provides training and supportive services to eligible military personnel and their spouses who are dislocated due to congressionally-mandated realignment and/or closure of military bases. Currently, SERCO is providing BRAC services to soldiers and/or their spouses at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF/Choices)

The intent of this program is to assist families who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits to get and keep a job in order to get off public assistance. Services include job search, on-the-job training, subsidized employment, and unsubsidized employment. Additional services such as child care and transportation assistance are available to help the individual get and keep a job. SERCO led the Coastal Bend to the top-ranking in Choices last year in the State of Texas among mid-size Boards. Due to the ranking, the Coastal Bend board was awarded an incentive check for $50,000 in non restricted dollars.

Non-Custodial Parent Program (NCP)

This is a diversion program that serves low-income, non-custodial parents who are either unemployed or underemployed, and are mandated by the court system to pay child support. The parent must meet eligibility requirements and be referred to the program by the courts. Services that are offered are: job search, job referrals and job matching, workshops, counseling, training, and supportive services. Since the main goal for the participant is to catch up and continue to pay child support, employment services is the component most requested.

Supplemental Nutrition Act Program (SNAP E&T)

This is the federal program that provides employment and training services to eligible food stamp recipients with the intent of helping them find employment so they can become self-sufficient and not need food stamps. Services provided include: job search assistance and career readiness workshops, job referrals, supportive services, and non-vocational training.

Disability Navigator Initiative

SERCO implements this initiative in Upper Rio Grande and coordinates with the Board staff professional in Coastal Bend who serves as the Disability Navigator. The goal of this program is to build collaborations and partnerships to ensure full access by everyone to all of the Workforce Centers’ services.

Texas Back to Work Program

SERCO implements this program in both Board areas. The program offers employers monetary incentives of up to $2,000 for hiring qualified out-of-work Texans. The program is funded by the Texas Legislature and targets first-time unemployed insurance claimants who previously earned less than $15 per hour

Ticket to Work

In the Coastal Bend, the Board is part of the Employment Network. The program is implemented by Workforce Center staff. The goal is to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security beneficiaries to obtain vocational rehabilitation, training, employment and support services from the workforce center system and other workforce development entities.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Program (STEM)

This award-winning program is implemented in Upper Rio Grande with the goal of inspiring more youth to study and seek careers in these disciplines. The Board staff has developed and maintained major collaborative partners that organize and sponsor an annual competition that draws team entrants from high schools and colleges in the region, New Mexico, and even some universities from Mexico.

Child Care Services

SERCO manages the child care services program in the rural area in Upper Rio Grande; in Coastal Bend it coordinates with the child care services provider to ensure that Workforce Center participants are provided child care services for which they are eligible and need in order to be successful in their employment or training activities.

Discretionary Programs

These discretionary programs are funded by the Texas Workforce Commission or directly by the United States Department of Labor and/or other funding sources for a limited purpose and time period.
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I want to welcome you to the new SERCO of Texas, Inc. website.

You will find valuable information if you are an employer, job seeker, or youth. Please follow the easy steps to navigate through the website. If you are already part of the SER Family, now you can keep up with Texas. One of the features that is still being finalized is the Staff Resources section where SERCO staff will be able to access policies and procedures, guidelines, HR and payroll information, and much more private information and data to make the job easier.

I want to commend the SERCO of Texas management and staff for their great performance record. Last year the Coastal Bend Workforce Development Board was ranked number one in the Choices program among mid-size Boards in Texas and earned an incentive check for $50,000 for the Board. This year the overall performance in Coastal Bend ranks among the top in the state. SERCO won the one stop contract with the Upper Rio Grande Workforce Development Board in October 2011, and the performance is already ranked number one among large Boards in the State of Texas.

Finally, I want to congratulate Ms. Nickie G. Valdez, SERCO Vice President, and all of the SERCO staff for being awarded another five-year contract for management of the Coastal Bend workforce center system.

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